Harbourside Waterfront

  • Harbourside Waterfront   --   Harbourside Drive - North Vancouver/VNVHM #1
This is an inspiring opportunity to create a new and special experience for North Vancouver; a “complete community” with places to live, work, shop, play and learn. Harbourside could become a place for all to enjoy with diverse housing options, high-quality employment, unique amenities and services – all in an animated and sustainable waterfront setting. 

On the waterfront of North Vancouver lies Harbourside, a collection of lands partially developed by Concert into a business park. While zoning is in place to allow for a final phase of commercial space, Concert envisions a different fate for Harbourside – the creation of a vibrant, mixed-use community; a place to live, work, shop and play all in an attractive, highly-walkable and sustainable neighbourhood. 

Following a successful Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment in July 2012, Concert’s proposal for a mixed-use Harbourside was approved by Council in June 2014. The team is now advancing the design development for phase one of the community in order to ultimately submit development permit applications. Concurrently, a City-led parks planning process with the community will serve to re-evaluate Kings Mill Walk park and determine the programming for the additional park space which Concert is dedicating to the City.
Harbourside Drive
North Vancouver